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Parker, Alan A. An integrated transport, health and environmental policy will make everyday walking and cycling safer: an abstract from Alan A. Parker’s paper at the Road Safety Conference. Australian Cyclist. February-March 2000

Parker, Alan A. 'Wake up Melbourne' Australian Cyclist February - March 2000

Parker, Alan A. Making Walking and Cycling Safer: Lessons for Australia from the Netherlands Experience.
24th Australasian Transport Research Forum. 2001

Gellie, Nic and Parker, Alan 'BFA policy'  Australian cyclist April-May-June 2001

Parker, Alan A. What happened to the bikeway network promised to Melbourne's cyclists in 1991:why we are still waiting. 2001
What happened.pdf

Parker, Alan  'The Victorian Bicycle Strategy ten years on'  Australian Cyclist September-October 2001

Parker, Alan A. 'The Power Assisted Bicycle: a green vehicle to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution. 25th Australasian Transport Research Forum. Canberra , October 2002
ARTF PABsParker02.pdf

Parker, Alan A. A Non-motorised User's Perspective on Safety Issues and World Best Non-motorised Safety Practice in the Netherlands In Proceedings of Australia Walking the 21st Century Conference, 20th - 22nd February 2001 Perth, Western Australia

Parker, Alan A.   A case study of bicycle parking at selected Brisbane rail stations   25th Australasian Transport Research Forum, incorporating the Bureau of Transport and Regional Economics'  Transport Colloquium, Canberra
ATRF02 BikeRail.pdf

Parker, Alan A.  Unsustainable transport trends for the journey to work in major Australasian cities 1976 to 2001
26th Australasian Transport Research Forum, Wellington New Zealand 1-3 October 2003.

Parker, Alan A. The electric powered assisted bicycle; a clean vehicle to reduce oil dependence and enhance the mobility of the elderly, International Conference on Sustainability Engineering and Science Auckland 6-9 July 2004 NZ

2001 Australia Productivity Commission Inquiry into The Private Cost Effectiveness of Improving Energy Efficiency. 2004. Submission No. 35 by Alan A. Parker

Parker, Alan A.  Unsustainable trends in the ABS Census for the journey to work in Australia, Melbourne and other cities in Victoria  27th Australasian Transport Research Forum, Adelaide 29 September - 1 October 2004.

Parker, Alan A. 'The end of Australian suburbia' The Environmental Engineer 5(3) Spring 2004